Tuesday, January 14, 2014

【F&B】 First Love Patisserie

First of all...
Belated happy 2014 year~ XD;;

Starting from 2014...
I will mainly post about dolls, figures & foods here.

Maybe a few posts about my favorite musicians too.
That's if I manage to see them in person hehe~

So, if you're looking for cosplay photos...
Please refer to my 2012 and older posts~~
Use the search box~~ v(^_^)v

My first post in 2014 is about First Love Patisserie.
It's knows as Hokkaido Thousand Layers Cake.

I bought :
Oreo 【オレオ】
Belgian Chocolate 【ベルギーチョコレート】
Japanese Green Tea 【抹茶】
Mango 【マンゴー】

It's obvious I will buy the mango one~
I'm so in love with mango~~

Here's the photos of the yummilicious cakes :

The cream is moist and leaves such good feeling.
No wonder they named it First Love Patisserie.
I feel like I'm in love for the first time...

*cough *cough

*points to Mr. S

I bought it at their outlet in Gandaria City~
 I heard they have outlets in Singapore~~

Please open in Taman Anggrek or Central Park~~

Take my heart and keep it with you
Show me love is someone real

Take my life and make it simple
Touch me now and make me feel

Nobody knows just how much you mean to me
Nobody knows and I gotta let it show

ミ Vienni ミ


  1. WAHHH SO TEMPTING!! Now I really need to go down someday LOL! The Oreo and Mango looks really yummy!!! *droooools*