Saturday, November 23, 2013

[Dear Diary] ♡ PH & SG Trip ♥

Honestly, with everything happened within this 2013 year...
I didn't expect a lot of things...

Yet, dear God let me experience each and every thing.
The good, the bad, the tears, the laughter.
And I thank Him for that.


Let me start from...
My very short & solo trip to the Philippines.
I only spent a night at this country.

My gigantic luggage and huge hand bag.

Arrived at the hotel...
I had to wait for hours until my room is ready.

Ready to go to the bed...
Oops... I mean... to Cosplay Mania day 1...

Had a chance to do souvenirs shopping~
And ate yummy Filipino food~~

My dear Jamie... I love his shirt hehe~
I name him Jamie from Jamie Campbell Bower if anyone curious. ;D


On day 2, I spent a few hours with
lovely Jin, Miguel, Kat and their friends.
Managed to meet Erving & Z3LL as well.

Too bad Kira didn't come.
I would love to hand his birthday gift myself.
Anyway... I met new friends on day 2.

Salamat, Aiyana, for the snack~~
Had to fly back to Jakarta that night.

I brought Jamie with me, cuddle~ cuddle~

Arrived back in Jakarta, waiting for my luggage like mad man.


And here come a story about my SG trip.
Came with my beautiful GFs like last year.

And my beautiful Anis was super kind.
She accompanied me all the way from our faraway hotel
to a certain place, to eat my most favorite food from SG.


I almost cried when I eat it.
It’s not an expensive meal.
But the memory I have is priceless.

LOL yes, I finished in less than 10 minutes.
I regret for not having it everyday...

I do think, I was having honeymoon with Anis this time.
I spent most of my time with her.
And I really thank her for being so lovely.


And my first breakfast in SG this year~

Went around and had ‘romantic’ meal with Anis again~

And look what I have by rolling around from 1 to other places.

We went to AFA SG as well.

And look with who I took photo !

Mr. Danny Choo himself !
Thanks, Mr. Danny, you’re so nice in personnn~

And please forgive my narcissistic side...
Pretty Anis & Sadako (which is me lol)

A view from our place~~

Another photo of Anis & Sadako hahaha~

The thing I really regret from this trip is...

My Anubis-Sama !! TAT
Just if I took Aki with me...

I had a chance to take photos a few things before I went home.
And Anis let me borrowed 1 of her lenses~~
So happy~~ Thank you, M’dear~~

And time to flew back to home~~

And I kept looking for my beloved favorite food & drink from SG.
Found no Milo Dinosaur, so I just grabbed Mee Siam again.

Bye bye, SG !

It was raining before I flew back...


I already have plans for my next overseas trips.
And hopefully I can go to new countries as well.

"Everybodys got a dark side
Do you love me
Can you love mine
Nobodys a picture perfect
But were worth it
You know that were worth it"

Kelly Clarkson --- Dark Side

My dearest Shuji (Little Monica Crow) loves Kelly Clarkson.

Dark Side, Catch My Breath, Mr. Know It All
and Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
are a few his favorite songs from her~


Until we meet again~~

ミ Vienni ミ


  1. Woohoo~~ hope you've had lots of fun! I think you've been around Singapore even more than me LOL!

    And Crow is soooo handsome! That faceup is amazing! >w<