Sunday, February 14, 2016

【Concert】 Michael Learns To Rock

So, MLTR was back to Indonesia 
to celebrate Valentine's Day (again).

I was very happy to know that
and quickly bought the Platinum ticket.

But come as expected from their promoter,
which was Marygops,
they changed the seating plan
and put a lot of Platinum ticket holder
at the most right and most left.

And we had to rely on the big screen
to see MLTR.

And some of the promoter's staffs
were pretty rude to us.
I'm utterly disappointed.

The one that saved the bad day was
no other than MLTR themselves
and my pretty girls from 
the Indonesian MLTR fanbase.

I hope MLTR will reconsider their older promoter
which is Full Color Party
when they're coming back to Indonesia.

Here's some photos from the concert...
Please excuse me for the very poor quality.
I tried my best to edit the photos.
It's because I was placed so faraway on the right,
that I barely could see them...

Hope you still like it. ^^

See you again, dearest MLTR.

We shared the night~~

ミ Vienni ミ

Thursday, December 31, 2015

【Dear Diary】 Good Bye 2015, Hello 2016

2015 is such a roller~coaster year for me.
I said bye~bye to my office forever...
Went to a few concerts...
Had another solo traveling...
And much more.

Here's a highlight of my 2015 :


【Concert】 Michael Learns To Rock

I managed to watch their concert again, earlier this year.
Even though I was squeezed with other fans, but still...
I feel happy cause I watched it with 1 of my GFs.


【BJD】 Sergios (Gii)

Actually Gii wasn't the first one to be photographed.
It was Shuji.
But Gii's photos was more prepared hehehe...
So sorry Shuji... ;v;


【BJD】 Haemon Family

Eh, my San-Ho was home !
Mwehehehe... It was nice to have another -Ho. :D

A family photo~~

I have a chocolate milk Yeon-Ho (E-Line),
but he's not part of this family.
He's Aki's nephew from his twin brother
(whom hasn't home yet,
I need a romantic Ender in brown/tanned skin huhu)


【Figure】 Figma & Static Arts

I made a parody with my Yukiko Amagi & Sephiroth.
With bonus, kweh kweh Chocobo ! ;D

You know, Sephora is pretty sensitive about his mother.
So please, don't hurt his feeling...
(j/k~~) XD

**I always wonder if Sephora is a beauty store by Shinra Co. ? 


【Family】Grandma Passed Away

One of the saddest things in my life happened in 2015.
My one and only grandma passed away.

My other grandparents had passed away years ago.
She was our last one.

It was so heart~breaking, but if it's the best for her...



Look who's home~~~!
My baby penguin~~~~~~~~
(the pink telephone is Jasmine ehehe)

He's the only son of my Hiro~~
Have to take pics of them together~

And Gii ! Don't be that scary...


【Doll Meet】

Raise found her soulmate !
So, selfie first~
Please meet Lilianna, owned by Kirara (Anis)~

They like to chat about boys, foods,
hair style, sweets, outfits, traveling, boys,
boys X boys, did I mention they love yaoi ? LOLS


【BJD】 Gabriel, Jin & Teruko

The cousins~

Daddy's little princess~


【Concert】 Boyzone

Woohoo !! My first Boyzone's concert ever~~~
I was upset that Stephen will never be there anymore,
it won't be the same,
but then they sang Everyday I Love You,
where they played Stephen's part on the audio.

I cried. I'm sure the other fans were crying as well.
Thank you... T_T


【BJD】 Teruko, Hizaki, Yukio, Jasmine

I wonder if anyone realize it's a hint to Versailles ?
I still need Kamijo and Masashi
to complete my own version of Versailles.


【BJD】Fei & Gabriel

The spoiled little sister and her older brother.


【Concert】 Bigbang

My first K-Pop concert, everrr !
Heheheh... XD

I met new friends and had a lot of fun.
This was my 2nd time to go to overseas by myself.
This time, I had a light travel.
No baggage purchased, heuhehehe...

Oh my guilty pleasure...
Mee siam from Killiney Kopitiam !



【Concert】 Bigbang

Ahuahahahah, again, but this time was in my hometown.
I got bruised, but it was O.K in a while... ;v;


[Recording] Michael Learns To Rock

So... I had a chance to be part of the MLTR's recording
with a local TV station.
Went there with fellow fans from Indonesian fanbase. :)


【BJD】 Aki

Eyyy, this Jethro's costume is so ahhwesome !
I always love things related or inspired
by Egyptian gods & goddesses.


【BJD】 Fei

Someone just returned
from a long spa trip in Singapore.

Fei got her neck hole modified
and new face up from Gabriel.

This wolf in sheep's clothing
will fool any guys, huh ! -_-;


【BJD】 Takumi & Shar

My one and only tanned babies.
Right now, every tanned guy they met,
will be called, "Papa !"

LMAO, oh boys... ^^;


【Figure】 Funko Pop !

My little Sadness is super adorbs~
Very chubby~!!

I hope you find happiness in this house~


【Doll Meet】 End Of Year

I always have an end of year
doll meet with my GFs.

Hopefully we still can have it
in upcoming years.

Jinan & Hanbin belong to Alice.
Kou belongs to Ticuk (Nat).
Favole & Viola belong to Kirara (Anis).
Teruko, Jin & Shar belong to me hehehe...


【BJD】 Gabriel & Jin

Are they becoming look-a-like now ? :D

Gabriel's face up is based on Gackt,
done by Gabriel from Lightlybattered @ Den of Angels.

Jin's face up is based on Taeyang,
done by Ticuk @ Den of Angels.


【Doll Meet】 Teruko, Hizaki, Viola

My last doll meet this year.

Viola belongs to Kirara (Anis).


【Figure】 Nendoroid

I just realized, in the past few years,
our nendo collection has become this much.

Notes :
Saber, Mikasa & Elsa belong to my brother.
I misplace 1 of my nendos, my Naruko Aoba... T.T;


【Merch】 Bigbang

I spent so much this year on
these handsome 5 Korean guys.
Hahaha... XD;;

2 concert tickets, CDs & lotsa merchs.

I think I forgot to take pics a few other merchs.
Oh well... XD;


So... everyone...

I hope I could be someone better in 2016. :)

Have a blessed 2016 !!


ミ Vienni ミ