Sunday, May 3, 2015

【Dear Diary】 Jealous...y ?

A few quotes I like about jealousy :

I think it's important to get your surroundings 
as well as yourself into a positive state - 
meaning surround yourself with positive people, 
not the kind who are negative and jealous of everything you do.
Heidi Klum

You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.
Gary Allan

The jealous are troublesome to others, 
but a torment to themselves.
William Penn

I can't really change my life 
to accommodate people who are jealous. 
I don't see why I should.

Like hatred, jealousy is forbidden by the laws of life 
because it is essentially destructive.
Alexis Carrel


No one wants to take your spotlight.
You're great yourself and you're superior to many.
But it doesn't mean other people is less precious than you.

Maybe you're the sun for a lot of people.
But not for every human in this world.
Someone out there can be the sun for other people too.
Don't be too cocky and think too high of yourself.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

【Dear Diary】 Backstab, Oh.. Hello...

I honestly hate to post bad things that happened to me.
But I dunno if I can hold my feeling anymore...

When I'm being nice & friendly, I mean it.
Please don't use it to backstab me, pretty please...

It hurts me when I know someone I really trust...
S/he is backstabbing me really bad.

Even badmouthing me to many people around me.
Some people tried to re-confirm what they hear.
But the others believe what s/he told them*.

*because s/he's that convincing... hah...

What I mean here is...
What on earth happened between us ?
Until you do such thing to me ?

If you hate me for things I did...
Then be a man, talk with me.

We were good until I know what you've done to me.
I never thought your gorgeous look can be so evil inside.

It's true what older people said...
Don't judge the book by its cover.

I just hope, what will happen to me in the future...
Dear God... please don't leave me alone.
I need super power & strength from Him to face these problems.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

【Dear Diary】 Good Bye 2014, Hello 2015

Listen to my heartbeat
It’s beating for you

Listen to my heartbeat
It’s waiting for you

Don’t I know that it’s over
I don’t understand why I’m like this

It still hurts thinking of you
I think of you every time my heart beats


This 2014 year has been truly crazy for me.

Cause there was so many UPs & DOWNs.
A few shocking things also happened.

But whatever happened to me...
I always feel grateful to God.


To sum up my 2014, here comes the photos :

~ Nendoroid : Colossal Titan ~

I really love the titans from Attack on Titan.
Esp. Colossal & Rogue Titan~

I also love Hanji Zoe very much~
I hope to see Hanji in nendoroid soon.

Weehee~ Aki is the titan now ! :D


~ BJD Con ~

Had my first BJD con ever~
Met Dolk Japan (CEO), DollHearts (CEO, Designer, English Manager) & 
Little Monica (CEO, Designer, English Manager).

I feel happy every time I remember the sweet memories I had.
Just let go the bad one~~


~ BJD : LittleMonica - Honey Harmony - Blossom Lucile ~

Managed to bring home 1 of my dream dolls too.

She's named after Jasmine You from Versailles.
Default face up done by LittleMonica.


~ BJD : Volks - SD17 - Claude, the Prince ~

This handsome guy is an impulse buy that I never regret.
He's really gorgeous in person.

He's still in his default face up by Volks though.
I will send him to face up artist once I decide
which *cough* hubby *cough* to be the example for him.

Any ideas ?


~ BJD : BJDCrobi - E Line - Yeon Ho - Chocolate ~

Now I have 4 different version of Yeon Ho.

I think it's enough now, no more Yeon Ho...


~ BJD : RingDoll - Grown - MoYu ~

Finally I have a full set doll from RingDoll !
MoYu is delicate yet gorgeous mold~


~ BJD : LittleMonica - Harmony - Demetri ~

Guess what, I get the limited Tiaki's face up !
It's so beautiful~ Tiaki is awesome !!

He's named after Sugizo from Luna Sea & X Japan.


~ BJD : RosenLied - Tuesday - Pansy ~

Another cutie has arrived at home.
She's my first RosenLied doll.

She's named after Teru from Versailles.
Her default face up done by RosenLied.

Her chubby body is so cute~~
And her body sculptor... is Sephiroth !

Hehehe, I will keep the body no matter what !
*hugs hugs Teruko-Chan*


~ BJD : LittleMonica - Harmony - Angel ~

It's good to know doll company is also part of charity program.
Angel is part of LittleMonica's.

Mine is so grumpy haha... *pinch*

He's named after Airu from Fest Vainqueur.
Custom face up done by Ticuk @ Den of Angels.


~ Nendoroid : Gilgamesh ~

This is by far the most handsome nendoroid ever.


~ BJD : Volks YoMidi Body ~

Decided to give this body for Hizaki.
I like my tinies to be chubby.

In slang Indonesian, I call my tinies : "Buntal"

Gonna sell her HDF body soon~


~ BJD : LittleMonica - Harmony - Dyuke ~

Ah, this guy totally steal away my heart.
He's my last Harmony from LittleMonica for this year.

He's named after Hiro from Nocturnal Bloodlust.
Custom face up done by Ticuk @ Den of Angels.


~ Nendoroid : Aoba ~

Aoba from DMMD has home !

I'm not a fangirl of DMMD,
but I want that topless body of Aoba for my Gilgamesh.

I need to give him tattoo & abs.
Should ask Ticuk for it. ;D

Collection of my chibi babies~


~ Book : Prince Lestat ~




~ Trip : Bandung, Indonesia ~

I went to Bandung with my GFs.
Usually we went to Singapore every year.

But for this year, since I bring home too many dolls...
We're too broke to go overseas... HA HA HA...

But it was truly fun !
We had great time & even get new hubby here ! *cough*

He's beyond handsome...
But I won't share any photos, I'm possessive~

*stomped to hell* 8D

Been planning to go to new places for next year.
I can't wait !!

Notes :
Decided to not blog the detail about my trip.
I want it to be private.


~ Music : Michael Learns To Rock & Il Divo ~

Guess what... this year is not only a BJD year for me... but also music year~
Why ? Cause I managed to watch MLTR & Il Divo's concert !

I even could shake their hands, 
said thank you for coming to Jakarta & took a photo with them !

I'm sooooooooo HAPPY !!!


And thanks to my GFs, for introducing me to 
2PM, SHINee & In The Flesh.

I even POed a cute mini plush of Nichkhun from 2PM.
I want mini plush of MinHo from SHINee too ! (o>0<o)


So... my New Year's resolution ?


~ Be someone better & more positive.
~ Able to go to new places for holiday.
~ Work harder.
~ Buy new lens / camera.
~ Watch more concerts.


Babe, I’ve fallen, so why treat me like this ?
Don’t run away in fear

But why not try trusting me
My lady-

Ring Ding Dong, Ring Ding Dong,
Ring Diggy Ding Diggy Ding Ding Ding

Babe, You stop my breath, Oh crazy !
So pretty I can’t stand it, Oh crazy !

I don’t need anything else, Crazy !
Why am I like this ?

 ミ Vienni ミ

Sunday, October 26, 2014

【BJD】 My Dear Sister

It's been a while since I posted photos of my dolls.
I still regularly take their photos, but not every of them.

The amount of dolls I have is out of my mind.
I used to think 1 is enough.

But Fei thinks... different ?
She is expanding her family ! *pinch*

Hahaha~ No no, I realize things are changing.
So does my preference of dolls.

I have a good job that can give me steady income.
Even though I get pressure & stress from it...
But it funds my hobby(s).
I guess it can't be helped. (^^!)


So here's my baby girls~
They finally had a proper 'sister' date~

Hizaki is Luts Honey Delf Choux 
-Sweet Holiday- in Normal Skin.

Jasmine is Little Monica Honey Harmony 
Blossom Lucile in White Skin.

Both with default face up & in their DollHearts outfits.


Lil' Jasmine was trying to blow the candle.
She tried really hard~~


I love DollHearts ! (o^^o)

I've been dreaming to have an entire collection of DH~

Please make other size like :
Soom Mega Gem,
Iple House EID Man Model,
Iple House JID Boy Model~


Until we meet again~

ミ Vienni ミ

Sunday, September 14, 2014

【Dear Diary】 Tired Of You, 'Friend'

When the light started out they don’t know what they heard
Strike the match, play it loud, giving love to the world
We'll be raising our hands, shining up to the sky

'Cause we got the fire, fire, fire
Yeah we got the fire, fire, fire

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

It’s been a while since the last time
I posted about my thought, my life.
Because actually I think it’s not for public,
It’s my private life.

But I was a bit sad about a few things
Happened to me in the past 10 years.

My life can’t be categorized as a happily ever after
Like the one in the Disney fairytale.
But I’m pretty content and happy with it.
There’s no perfect life, just do your best to strive your best.

I have a family and a place I can call… home.
A comfy bed anytime I want to sleep,
A delicious meal 3 times a day,
A job that can give me steady income,
So I can pamper myself and loved one,
A small amount of friends
but have a great attitude and personality,
And many more.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

I used to have a beautiful friendship (or so I thought)
With a few people in the past 10 years.

Being backstabbed by people I called friend,
It’s too much, still too much after all this time.

So, there’s this particular ‘friend’ whom I thought
Very wonderful inside and of course outside.
I won’t say name, but I think some people
Already know who is this ‘friend’.

This ‘friend’ always said we’re best friend.
But in fact, we were and never been a best friend.
I even doubt this ‘friend’ ever think of me as a FRIEND.

Everything I did for this ‘friend’ is nothing.
Never once I betray the friendship we had.
I had faith in everything this ‘friend’ said to me.

I actually didn’t understand why many people around us, avoid me
And won’t even talk to me, ditch me as a friend,
And they won’t respond to me.

I have a hypothesis actually about what happened.
Maybe because of someone we both met a few years ago.
And… I got confirmation about it from several trusted friends.

But long before that, this ‘friend’ already stabbed me really bad.
It hurts to know our friendship is nothing for this ‘friend.’
But I learn to let go the pain.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

First, I won’t harm myself for anyone in this world.
If I have to die, it’s because God wants me to.
He is the one whom have full control of my life.
Not because I’m so desperate over this and that person.

When Hide from X Japan and Jasmine You from Versailles,
My uncle and grandparents from my father passed away,
I was so sad, that I was crying over them.

But crying will be my last salvation for my grief.
Not killing myself. For GOD sake, I have a SANE mind.

Second, I always claim handsome guys I like as “husband.”
I always say “I love you” and “I miss you” to them.

Check my twitter and you’ll see I posted it.
I even posted with love and kiss emoticons.
It’s a common thing in fandom and being fangirls.

Yes, I love Yoshiki from X Japan,
Kamijo from Versailles, Sugizo from Luna Sea,
Hisashi from Glay, Hiro from Nocturnal Bloodlust,
I’ll from Fest Vainqueur, and many other handsome guys.

Here’s a print screen of my LOVE for them,
Click for bigger size :

*note, Hizaki-Chan is a male musician. ;D

Sometimes, these guys replied their fangirls
With love, hugs, kisses too via social media.

And many of them also allow fans to hug them when meet up.
I also want to hug Chris Hemsworth ! :D
Hugging Chris Evans and Henry Cavill too~~~
I would love to hug Lee Pace too if possible, hehe~

I heart Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, Miranda Kerr,
Keira Knightley, Salma Hayek and more.
They are my wifey ! Kiss kiss~ XD

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

But, it doesn’t mean I want to marry them.
It’s a pure admiration.

What will I do if I’m able to meet Angelina Jolie ?
I will ask her, if it’s possible for her to sign my DVD of her movies,
And a hug, please, Mrs. Pitt ?

By the way, congrats for the wedding, Mr. & Mrs. Pitt !
You two are love of my life~~

And yes, I won’t hurt myself if I can’t meet any of my idols.
If they don’t respond to my love declaration, it’s their right. 8D

I don’t mind, as long as they don’t hate me.
I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

And my thought right now ?
Just like The Beatles’ song…

And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be

For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be

Let it be, let it be

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Hey, ‘friend’ dear,
You can badmouth me as much as you want.
It’s your right.

If doing that makes you happy,
Go for it, Baby ! ;D

I won’t stop anyone whom wants to spread bad rumors about me.
True friend will double check with me everything they heard.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Still, I thank you, ‘friend’ darling,
For everything happened between us.
I purely feel happy when we were still a ‘friend.’

But, it was fun while it lasted.
So, adieu my ‘friend’ sweetie !
I hope you will find a true happiness.

 ミ Vienni ミ