Sunday, July 6, 2014

【BJD Con】 AniCult 2014

The memories from that summer
Are still vivid even now

Always, when I remember them
Being with you is great

We were in a dream, in love
And there, we really loved
I wanted to believe that it was fate


As a BJD owner since 2009,
it's my dream to go to a BJD convention
and experience the 'battle' of getting
limited dolls & stuffs... LOL

So, I decided to come to Surabaya, Indonesia
on June 6~10, 2014.


Day 1


So... I packed everything in 2 red luggages,
and additional 1 hand bag.
Got my own stuff, dolls, outfits, wigs, etc...

I brought my Luts HDF Choux -Sweet Holiday,
IpleHouse JID Kyle, RingDoll RingTeen Pan,
Volks SDGr Ryoya Konoe, Little Monica Harmony Crow,
Luts SDF Blanchet, and Soom MG Ender.

But I didn't take out my Pan & Ryoya
due to personal reasons.

I got the first flight for the departure from Jakarta.
I was so excited yet nervous.

Waiting in airport lounge...

Bye bye Jakarta~

We can order Share Tea in the flight !
How cool was that ? ❤

Mount Bromo ?

Landed in Surabaya~

Getting my luggage~~

And went to my rented apartment by taxi.
Interesting fact, I always get pretty chandelier
in the lobby everytime I go somewhere by myself.

Had something similar when I went to Manila last year.
I miss their Filipino Mangoes... sobs...

Had to wait a few hours before I can rest in my room.

My bed, only for me, hehe...
Wait... is that you, Hizaki ?

The sofa... why are you there as well, Hizaki ??

She was so happy to join her first BJD con !

Selfie ? :D

 ... I thought you'll accompany me
to meet Hiroyuki-San, CEO of Dolk-Japan, Hizaki...

 I had great time with Hiroyuki-San.
Kinda surprise to know his last name,
since I also use Hiroyuki as my last name online...^^;

Although I can't talk Japanese...
And his English wasn't fluent...
But we managed to chat and I bidded him farewell
after a long talk at Starbucks.

 Went back to the apartment
and found Hizaki... "Let's play, Granny ?"

 Are you a nocturnal species, Little lady ??
Phew... go to sleep, Hizaki baby...

I changed my dolls' outfit into yukata
as promised, matching the theme --- Matsuri.

Went to sleep after 2.00 AM...


Day 2


Getting ready for the first day of the con !
Selfie selfie hehehe...

Arrived at the venue, I met Hiroyuki-San
and Little Monica's staffs.

Later on, I learned that they were Mr. Lee,
the CEO & sculptor of Little Monica,
Ms. Lee, the designer, and Mr. Cho. 

I was thrilled to see how LM displayed everything.
So beautiful and lovely !
The props were all fascinating.





This is my money, just take it................. ~(TwT)~

I quickly talked to Mr. Cho...
I asked him if that cutie is for sale.
He nodded and I was like... Good bye money.

I again, asked him if it's possible for me to buy her.
He again, nodded with smile.

 1 of my grail dolls... oh nooo... ❤ ❤

 I accompanied LM for both days.
It was totally fun with them~!

 Aaaand... they brought...
Gloomy Lucile... so pretty~~~

Gloomy Enrill...  

Basic full doll was available too.
Default face up was included.

Aki was there. Hur hur~
I brought him, Jade & Hizaki for day 1.
Had Yoshie & Shuji for day 2 too.

But due to several reasons,
only this photo is good enough to be shared.

The kind-hearted LM gave this
full set Harmony Eden for lottery on day 1.

Move on to Doll Hearts...
My ultimate goal in this hobby is
to have a full wardrobe for my doll
with all DH outfits & shoes ! ;D

LM Harmony Sophia was the first one
to be marked sold out.
Next was Blossom Lucile, yay~

Ended the day with dinner together with LM,
Liza (DH's translator) & Maureen (LM's).

I showed them my LM Crow, Shuji.
And Mr. Lee said he recognized him through DoA !
OMG... I feel honored for it.

LM Crow is my most favorite mold from them.
Second will be Blossom Lucile.
Then... Monica. 

Tiring day, but felt happy cause of these doll people.
Ah, I love them~


Day 3


The lovely Ring Doll & Blue Fairy couldn't come
but they gave dolls for lottery day 2.

Rice in our lunch box was heart shaped.

Got treated by LM, very kind of them~! ❤

My sweethearts. ❤ ❤ ❤
Liza was the girl whom taking pics.

Left to right :
Mr. Cho, Ms. Pang, Ms. Wong, Ms. Lee,
Mr. Lau, Hiroyuki-San & Mr. Lee.

Gloomy Enrill sold out on day 2 !

LM treated us again, this time for dinner.

Ended the day with hang out at Starbucks.
Too bad Hiroyuki-San couldn't join
due to his morning flight on Monday.
Safe trip & hope to see you again !

We talked a lot and totally had fun.
I should have take photos with everyone... T_T ...


Day 4


Kinda busy cause LM was moving
from the apartment to hotel.

After everything was finished,
I went to Starbucks to meet DH & Liza.

I bidded them farewell at night
and went to meet up with LM again.

I thought they're resting,
but they went out to nearest mall instead.


So, as promised, I took them to a local restaurant.
And glad they liked it !

Went to a cafe near their hotel and had desserts.
Again, local desserts for them.

Mr. Cho, me, Ms. Lee & Mr. Lee. ❤

So sad I had to say good bye...


Day 5


I was flying back to Jakarta with heavy heart.
Took a few pics from my seat...

Anyway... I brought home a load of DH's stuff...
And LM Blossom Lucile in WS-FS. 

Super lovely LM let me bring home
the Blossom Lucile poster too.
Should ask them to sign it for me, huhuhu...

They also gave me a free Honey Harmony outfit
as a token of gratitude. OMG super nice people~❤

How can I stop loving them if they're too wonderful ?
I'm still waiting for any version of Crow though...

 ❤ ...Hehehe... ❤

The DH loot !
Outfits & shoes for dolls that
stayed at home during this trip.

My name tag got signed by everyone !

My cutieee, her name is Jasmine~
Look, Hizaki even gave her a teddy bear~

With uncle Shuji hehehe...
My LM Crow~~


I sincerely hope to see them again.
I will try to save up, so I can go to
Japan, HK & Korea, to meet them...

Hopefully I can think of what to buy to reach $3,000 soon.
I really want LM's Monica to be Jasmine's mother. ❤
I'll name her Vitya.

Money... money... come to meee...


Full photos can be seen here :

Videos of Dolk & Little Monica :


Until then...


All alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days

I was beautiful then
I remember

The time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again

 ミ Vienni ミ

Sunday, May 25, 2014

【F&B】 Starbucks - Sushi Tei - TWG

Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky

Let it go, let it go
You'll never see me cry

Here I stand
And here I'll stay

Let the storm rage on


I honestly don't remember what I wanted to post actually.
Backlogged really bad and then I decide to post the current one.

Ha.. ha.. ha....

So, I went on a date with 1 of my GFs~
We met at Starbucks at the first.

 I always love chocolate this and that from Starbucks.
And then went on a music CD hunting~~

Spotted Luna Sea's newest album in a local music store !
Oh happyyy~

 I've the limited edition from CDJapan, but still~
Ah mai kokoro~~~❤ ❤ ❤

And then we had lunch at Sushi Tei~~
Here's our orders~~

My 2nd Salmon Sashimi eheheh~

They love to tease us, those chefs ! XD

My date was taking pic of her order~~

The good thing about Sushi Tei..?
Nice ambience and food.
The price is fair enough for the taste & freshness.

The not so good opinion ?
Mostly crowded and the waiting list is horror ! 8D

And we had tea time at TWG~
Been here once a few months ago.
But.. missed it at Marina Bay Sands, SG...

Selfie time~ 8Db

My date~ ;D

My tea~ Rose something...

Our order~~

Kinda addicted to their tea infused macaron~~
Mine was rose, cheery blossom and... forget... -_-;;

TWG makes me feel like a princess or lady.
I don't need to go to a butler cafe hahaha...

But, it's kinda hard to call the staff.
Maybe they need to put a pretty little bell ? Hehe~

Ah I wish I can go on a date again soon with any of my GFs~
I'm easily get tired and sick now... huuu...


In the other note, the usual meatball hawker that usually sold his yummy foods 
in front of my English course... well... he passed away a few days ago, 
because of heart attack. (T_T)

Rest in peace, Pak De.
You will be in our memory and our heart.


Hold my hand tonight
and show me what is right
Make my life complete
below the family tree

Take away my fear
and tell me you'll be there
We will always stay together
I will always know you care

ミ Vienni ミ