Saturday, March 29, 2014

【F&B】 Otaru Baumkuchen

Inpatient with the human race
Still Nature shows a friendly face
And I believe in paradise on Earth

But when I saw the News today
So horrible I had to pray
Don't leave the Earth naked like the Moon


Belated happy white day !

Such an old photo, throwback saturday ? ;D
It was taken on last Christmas Eve, at my Church~

And~ I want to share share my experience with..
Otaru Baumkuchen !

I've been craving for baumkuchen for so long.
I missed it every time I go to SG.
But then I read on the internet...
"There's a store that sells baumkuchen in Jakarta."

Hooboy, I quickly went there on my free time.
I got their sampler pack.
It consists of half a dozen of yummy & small baumkuchens.

Actually I thought I can't choose the flavour.
But the sweet Otaru's worker let me to do it !

Initially they set :
3 Original, 1 Tiramisu,
1 Chocolate & 1 Green Tea

But I got these instead :
2 Original, 1 Tiramisu,
1 Chocolate & 2 Green Tea

If you wonder the small size...

It was nice & the sweetness level is tolerable.
I'm such a weakling toward sweet F&B.

Normal level of sweetness will be too sweet for me.
But this one is really O.K. for me. :D

Green tea is our favorite at home.
But other flavors are good as well.

If we dine in, we can have ice cream too~
Next time, promise~~!

I bought this one at their store in Plaza Indonesia.
Would love to get Juchheim at Takashimaya. XD
Anyone have favorite baumkuchen store ?


After you clear your eyes
You'll see the light
Somewhere in the darkness

After the rain has gone
You'll feel the sun comes
And though it seems your sorrow never ends

Someday its gonna make sense

ミ Vienni ミ

Sunday, February 23, 2014

【Concert】 Michael Learns To Rock

When the blue night is over my face
On the dark side of the world in space
When I'm all alone with the stars above
You are the one I love


I still can clearly remember...
Their handsome face and strong figure. ♡

Charming Jascha Richter...
Gorgeous Mikkel Lentz....
Cool Kåre Wanscher...

Everything started a few weeks ago..
Where I stumbled on the promoter's place and saw the poster.

I couldn't believe my eyes.
I was like.. "For real ? MLTR in Jakarta ??"

I quickly bought the diamond ticket.
I want to be as much as close to them.
I want to clearly see them with my own eyes.

I almost cry when I picked the ticket, 1 day before the concert.
Michael Learns to Rock.. for real...

I missed their concerts last year.
I wouldn't want to miss it again this year.

I've been in love with them for so long.
Much longer than other Japanese musicians I love.
I grew up with their songs.
My family's most favorite musician of all time.

I'm still in love with them.
And now I love them even more.
I just don't know how to stop.
When I fall in love, I fall really hard.


On the big day, I was queueing and felt desperate.
It was a free seating system...

It was working day... I had to go work...
And I arrived 1 hour before the gate is opened.
I was afraid I wouldn't get the front seat.

I kept praying...
"Please let me sit in those front rows."

Guess what...
God is always super kind to me !
I got the 1st row !!
I even got new friends~~

The beautiful MCs~~

The opening acts~~
Billy Simpson feat. Midori~~

MLTR themselves...

*I have to get tissues, my eyes can't help it...

They're more handsome in person.
I just wanna cry for seeing these photos...



Mikkel and their additional bassist...

Their musical ability is top notch.
I was singing all of the songs they performed.

I especially love the moment Mikkel was coming to the front row.
Hahaha... I wanna hug him too~ XD

From Sleeping Child, Any Way You Want It to Scandinavia, and all...
It was all very beautiful.

I'm so happy they also performed
Take Me To Your Heart & Paint My Love.
Both of 'em are my favorite all time~


I wanna thank the promoter and everyone...
Thank you for making 1 of my dreams became true.

And of course...
Thank you very much, MLTR.
I'm so in love with all of you.
Please come again in upcoming years.

I love you...

I love youu......

I love youuu.........


Take me to your heart take me to your soul
Give me your hand before I'm old
Show me what love is - haven't got a clue
Show me that wonders can be true

They say nothing lasts forever
We're only here today
Love is now or never
Bring me far away

ミ Vienni ミ

Sunday, February 16, 2014

【F&B】 Curry House CoCo 壱番屋

Arghhh... again...
Belated happy valentine's day ! XD;;

Old selfie of Aki & I...
Hahaha... :D
I was wearing a matching t-shirt with Aki.

Enough with me.
This time I want to make a review of...
Curry House CoCo 壱番屋 [Ichiban'ya].

I always love Japanese Curry.
And my favorite place too eat has gone.
Mr. Curry.. Imma gonna miss ya...

This new place in Grand Indonesia is W.O.W~

You can customize your own curry rice.
And I got mine as normal size rice with mushroom & spinach.
Level 2 spiciness~~

I also ordered boiled egg as topping~

My friend ordered..
Erh.. I think chicken katsu/cutlet ?
Mild spiciness~~

Overall, we like our meal.
And would love to come again.

Maybe I can drag my dollie friends here. :D
So... do you have any favorite place to eat Japanese Curry ?

*poke Galileo, they have this place in SG~~

Every time we fight
I disappear into the comfort of a dream
Gotta find a way to make it easy everyday
Just wanna keep this love affair alive 

ミ Vienni ミ

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

【F&B】 First Love Patisserie

First of all...
Belated happy 2014 year~ XD;;

Starting from 2014...
I will mainly post about dolls, figures & foods here.

Maybe a few posts about my favorite musicians too.
That's if I manage to see them in person hehe~

So, if you're looking for cosplay photos...
Please refer to my 2012 and older posts~~
Use the search box~~ v(^_^)v

My first post in 2014 is about First Love Patisserie.
It's knows as Hokkaido Thousand Layers Cake.

I bought :
Oreo 【オレオ】
Belgian Chocolate 【ベルギーチョコレート】
Japanese Green Tea 【抹茶】
Mango 【マンゴー】

It's obvious I will buy the mango one~
I'm so in love with mango~~

Here's the photos of the yummilicious cakes :

The cream is moist and leaves such good feeling.
No wonder they named it First Love Patisserie.
I feel like I'm in love for the first time...

*cough *cough

*points to Mr. S

I bought it at their outlet in Gandaria City~
 I heard they have outlets in Singapore~~

Please open in Taman Anggrek or Central Park~~

Take my heart and keep it with you
Show me love is someone real

Take my life and make it simple
Touch me now and make me feel

Nobody knows just how much you mean to me
Nobody knows and I gotta let it show

ミ Vienni ミ

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[Dear Diary] Good Bye 2013, Hello 2014

First of all, I want to thank God for another good year.
2013 is full of laugh, tears, joy, and sadness... mix of 'em.

Many unexpected things happened in 2013.
Yet, I still thank Him for every single thing.

Here's a highlight of my memories in 2013.


We had flood again this year.
I got a few books that accompany me during the disaster.

I even had a chance to pet a crab that I named Krabbie Pattie.
He passed away in less than 2 months.
Feel so depressed for a few weeks…


I took a photo of my most favorite figurine, Yukiko & Sephiroth.
Imagine… If I meet a living Sephiroth for real…
I would love to huggg him really tight… LOL


Happy Hizaki with gifts from Tetsuya~Kun.


My auntie let me pet her cutie for a few days.
Sleepy Cherry~Chan… (o^-^o)

And Hizaki went for a girl’s day out with Vio.
Vio belongs to Kirarashine, is a Volks YoSD Tanpopo.


Somehow... I really like fall season for certain reasons.
First time talking with him...
First time he touched my hair...
First time... of... everything between us ? XD

I hope we'll be together, forever~~
It's hard to find someone whom can truly understand me...
I won't let him go, hahaha~~~

Anyway… how sexy an Anubis can be ? ;D

And look who made home this month~~

Remind me to … *cough


Went to Manila, Philippines, for Cosplay Mania.
And bought a bear for Hizaki.
Named him… Jamie… eheheh~!

And I’m totally in love with my fallen angel~~

Soon, I will make a pre-wedding shoot for Aki & Raise~
Have to complete his babe first… (_ _|||)


 Decided to get this book for myself.
And my someone special drew this for me… (T_T)
So happy~~~

 Went to Singapore for doll meet & AFA again.
I had fun with Anis (Kirarashine) for sure~
Met Danny Choo & hunnie bunnie (see pic #3) :D


 I'm amazed with the fact this old deviation of mine...
... got DD ! My first DD... ever...

 [do click this link to see it]

I got more watchers & pageviews & favs since I got DD.
My God, thank you very much everyone !
It means a lot to me...

And, surprisingly I got this from my loved one in SG~!


And look~~~
Oh my dearest one... *happy tears*

 Even though I will close 2013 with such a heavy heart…
But I hope 2014 will be a brighter & better year for me.

2013 is still another good year with all the problems, hah !
Still thanking God for everything.

I'm still more than lucky for everything I have.
Learn to appreciate what I have.


 I know I will close 2013 without watching any concert.
I was watching L'Arc~en~Ciel in 2012.

 I passed Luna Sea & GLAY this year.
I'm still sad every time I remember it.

 But hopefully I can watch my favorite musician in 2014.
I don't mind if I have to fly to other country.
As long it's still reachable & reasonable [for my wallet lol]~

 I managed to watch LS live viewing~

 And maybe you won't see new dollies from me.
Since I want to focus with current members at home.

 Those hunky guys need special 'love'...
... or should I say... need more space at home...?
They 'eat up' all available space in my room.

 And… Here’s a narcissist me with Aki, hehehe~
We have matching shirt~ LOL

  Should get a matching shirt with Jade,
so the 3 of us can take pic together hohoho~!!

 With my cutey baby, Hizaki~

Should have matching shirt with Ryuujin or Eiji & Koji as well~
Love lovee my triplet Yeon-Ho very muuuch~

And the girls will make sashimi from my flesh,
if I don't pay any attention to them, hahaha~~~

Anyway… A selfie of Yoshie with her loved one, Sei.
Sei is a Souldoll Chiron, owned by Anis.


And... Wishes for 2014 :

~Become someone better in everything,
~Become a better employee,
~Work even more harder [more money lolll],
~Upgrade my photography skill,
~Get new camera lens,
~Going to overseas,
~Visit new country,
~Watch my favorite musician's concert,
~More care with my dollies,
~Last but not least, more love the one that treasure me~♡

Thank you for 2013~
And let's welcome 2014~~

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away

You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium

Cut me down
But it's you who'll have further to fall
Ghost town and haunted love

Raise your voice
Sticks and stones may break my bones
I'm talking loud not saying much

Stone-hard, machine gun
Firing at the ones who run
Stone-hard as bulletproof glass

ミ Vienni ミ