Saturday, October 24, 2015

【BJD】 With My Bae

While I’m taking you to my house,
I’m secretly going crazy
I Go ~ You Go
We Go ~ Baby ~ One more time


 I try to support my favorite musician by buying their original merch.
For example is :

Jasmine & Mini Plush of Nichkhun from 2PM

Or this one...
Teruko and Krunk Bear of Taeyang from BigBang.

Jasmine is Little Monica - Honey Harmony - Blossom Lucile
Teruko is Rosen Lied - Tuesday Child - Pansy


 There's more official merchs on their way to home.
I'll post it when it arrives. Hehe~


Our memories that I secretly put in my drawer
I take them out and reminisce again by myself

ミ Vienni ミ

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

【CD Collection】 BigBang M.A.D.E

It's been a while since I bought 
so many CDs in 1 purchase.

In the past few years, 
I only grab Kamijo's limited CDs, 
be it his newest single and/or album.

Recently, I made a pre-order for 8 CDs of BigBang.
It's from their M.A.D.E series.

They launched 2 new songs every month since May.
I get 1 random photo card, 1 random puzzle ticket, 
1 poster, and 1 booklet for every CD.


So here it is :

First... Panda Riri ! (ó㉨ò)

Next, Jiyongie~ ∩(︶▽︶)∩

And... YB ! Yaaay~ o(*^▽^*)o
Super happy finally I got him~
My one and only YB card from this series haha... (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ

Jiyongie again~

Tabi Oppaaa~~~ (*‿*✿) Ahaha...
He's the only BB members that I can call "oppa."

Last, but not least...
Handsome maknae, Panda Riri~ ( ´•౪•`)

In total, I got 4 Jiyongie, 2 Panda Riri, 1 Tabi Oppa & 1 YB.
God... I'm sad I don't get Daesungie... (╥_╥)
My smiling angel... *sobs*


But I guess, I'm still lucky.
I heard the black version of M.A.D are all sold out.
Only E is available for both version.

I have 8 posters (twins, so 4 different pics x 2).
But I'm too lazy to take pics ahahahah...

I'm thinking to frame every poster I have,
when I already have my own house.

I have several Kamijo's posters too. (*ゝω・)ノ

I have to make 1 room that consist of everything 
I have in my collection, for example my BJDs, 
action figures, nendoroids, CDs, magazines, etc... 

With framed posters on the wall.

♡~(´ε` )~♡

ミ Vienni ミ

Saturday, August 8, 2015

【BJD】 Biodata

✩ Hi, hi, hi ! ✩


I was trying to write down biodata & 
took new photos of my current dolls at home.

I actually never plan to have such big family.

My dolls are mostly from LittleMonica & BJDCrobi.
And I'm thinking to get more IpleHouse dolls in the future.

I would love to have IpleHouse Bichun, Luna & Daniel.
IpleHouse has such realistic face~! 

ヾ( ̄▽ ̄)◡♬

Now I have many size of dolls.
Range from tiny (26cm-ish), mini (40cm-ish) to large (60cm-ish).

I even have dolls I consider really tall & huge.
Like BJDCrobi B-Line & Soom MegaGem.
Their height is around 68cm-ish.
With more abs for my eyes !

(* ̄ii ̄)

And getting an EID from IpleHouse
will add more height selection in my doll family.
I'm thinking to get the Model type for my future Bichun.

My Bichun will be based on Godfrey Gao.
The most handsome High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane.



 And to see the complete list,
please visit my DeviantArt ! :3

ミ Vienni ミ

Sunday, August 2, 2015

【Concert】 BIGBANG

I look for you, oh-eh-oh
Below that moonlight that illuminates me

I look for you oh-eh-oh-oh-oh
I don’t know where the end is but hey

Tonight tonight tonight tonight
I still don’t understand love

Pitifully alone once again, tonight

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Since I had a wonderful experience
with my first K-Pop concert a.k.a BigBang in Singapore
(minus the weird teamwork between promoter & local security),
plus I have new pretty friends from Japan & Singapore...❤

(plus I just found out that I can come to the Indonesian one,
after I came home from Singapore)

So, I decided to buy the ticket & hoping the same experience
with the Singaporean concert.

With my YB fan, lightstick ver. 3 & GD's stuffs.
YB fan from my Japanese friend.
The lightstick & GD props are from my friend, Shinka.

Everyone around me asked about it while waiting for the concert.
"Where do you get the YB fan ?"
"Omooo, pretty bracelet, where do you buy it ?"

I got sponsored eheheh...
Thanksss, my pretty friends !

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 

First of all, no, I'm not mad at BigBang.
Absolutely no problem with these handsome guys.

I sincerely thank them for coming to my home country,
when I know they're very tired between having new songs,
new album, and of course a long schedule of world tour until
January next year (so far).

I get new beautiful friends as well in this concert.
And met up with my Singaporean friend as well.
I miss her already !
Should hang out with her more when she comes back.

But sadly, the concert itself was terrible.
I'm very dissapointed and angry with it.

Not to BigBang's performance, note that.

Indonesian can read it here :
Konser BigBang @ Detik.Com

It's more less describe the concert.
Yes, the stage was small, not like the Singaporean one.
The sound system was on-off in a few parts.

They had to cut the encore
cause they need to catch the flight back to Korea.

I was sad about that.
I still wish they would have 4-5 encore songs.

But I understand the reason behind it.
I prefer they can go back home & get enough rest.
They have such hectic schedule... 

I will save up to see their concert again in the future.
Seeing their instagram updates also cure my broken heart.

Jiyongie :


YB :


Tabi Oppa :


Thank you, Beloved Bae !

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

My Bang Bang Bae (how I call each member of BigBang haha)
were all very energetic & all out.
Their perfomance was really great.

The lighting was awesome.
Esp. on Panda (Seungri) & TOP's solo.

They tried to talk in our languange,
which I find it's adorable of them,
esp. Panda always talk in local language in every concert.

But I didn't enjoy the concert.
It's not their fault. Really.

BigBang & their crews did their best,
to make sure we have fun in a safe way.

As far as I see... fans around me moved like crazy.
I got pushed really bad and my feet got stepped many times.
It was swollen and bruised pretty bad.

GD & YB also mentioned it on the concert.
They were hoping we can stay safe and not pushing each other.

And they never say that in the Singaporean one.
(I don't know other countries, I'm saying from what I experienced)

Too many fans with camera & phone that recorded the whole concert.
They were recording the concert non-stop !

I'm well aware if they want to record & take photos of Bigbang.
But please not from the beginning to the end.

Other fans whom trying to enjoy the concert felt annoyed with it.
We couldn't see the members clearly. 

Fans were taking videos and photos as well in Singapore.
But they did it in short period.

I wonder how Indonesian one can manage to record for 2~3 hours.
Didn't your hands get stiff ?

OMG, please consider other fans whom want to be happy.
We want to see these Korean idols, not your phone & camera.

1 of my new friends came all the way from other city
for her first BigBang's concert.

She felt dissapointed as well, how come other fans did such thing.

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

But thank God, my feet are getting better.
I'm happy though, even with the bad experience like that,
I got many support, esp. from my fellow VIPs from Japan & Singapore.

One more thing...
I'm talking based on my experience in Pink area,
which stood behind the VIP section (with the usual black blocker).

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

This is gonna be my first & last K-Pop concert in my home town,
if the promoter & local fans still like this (or become... even worse).

I wanna save up & go to the other countries,
that known for the great promoter & well-behaved fans.

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

I'm not saying all Indonesian VIPs are brutal or rough.
But I still have trauma with fans around me at the time.

This is not my first concert
and I've a few nice concert experience previously.

But these kind of things are not nice.
Please think about other fans' feeling.

The only good thing about the promoter ?
They let us wait inside.
And of course for bringing beloved BigBang.
And I thank them for that.

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

I sincerely thank :

~ God
~ My family
~ My lovely new friends
~ My Japanese & Singaporean friends for the support


and of course to BIGBANG.

To... Taeyang, G-Dragon, Seungri, TOP, and Daesung.
Thanks for coming to Indonesia.

I hope I will have another chances to see all of you again.

항상 행복하고 건강하세요。

나는 진정으로 당신을 사랑 해요。

우리는 다시 만날 때까지。。。

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Let me hear your voice
If we become honest, surely
We'll be able to understand each other
Please open your heart

Let me hear your voice
The path we have come is, for us, definitely
An important STEP to that future

 ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

ミ Vienni ミ

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

【Concert】 BIGBANG

I’ll set this place on fire
To burn up your heart
I wanna make you go crazy
B.I.G Yea we bang like this, everyone together


Not many people know that I love K-Pop, 
even though I'm not a diehard fan like 
my inner fangirl of J-Rock musicians 
or if we compare it to boyband like Boyzone 
or band like Michael Learns to Rock...

I used to like H.O.T and SS501.
Then 2PM & Shinee...

And earlier this year...


*from now on will be posted as BB


The first time I heard Blue from them...
I instantly fall in love with my handsome Mr. Sun.

YB or Young-Bae is known as Taeyang.
Also as SOL in Japan.
It means sun in Korean & Latin.

I fall in love with YB not only because of 
his handsome look & toned abs...


His singing ability is awesome !

I also like the other members.
I love each and every of them.

Seungri, GD (G-Dragon/JY/Ji-Young), TOP & Daesung.
I prefer to call them YB, Panda, Jiyongie, Tabi & Daesungie, eheheh...


So... a few months a go, my friend, Shinka...
We were talking about going to BIGBANG's concert together.

Then we bought the VIP Pen A ticket together.
It was for the Singapore's concert.

I was super excited & nervous,
esp. when the time is coming closer.

I booked the hotel & the flight
as soon as the concert ticket is secured.

But for a private reason, Shinka couldn't make it.
There we decided to sell her ticket.

And the first one to contact me was
a Singaporean VIP (BB's fans), asking for her friend, a Japanese VIP.

Other people poked me as well.
But my friend & I decided to sell it to the Japanese one.

I kept in touch with my new friend from Japan.
And totally couldn't wait to see her & her friends in person.


And finally the big days came.
I went to Singapore by myself.

Oops... with Jasmine too !



View from my seat...
I always love sitting near the window.

Oh, hello, Singapore !

My hotel was near MRT station.
And the friendly staff let me have early check in !
Thanks a lot~~


Jasmine : "Granny, what do you mean we're going out ?
I'm still tired from flying to Singapore..."

Me : "O.K, Baby... Have a nap~~"

And then I went downstair to the lobby.
To meet my Japanese friends.

And... guess whaaaaaat...
They gave me these pretty BB stuffs !


Even Jasmine is happy about it.


They're super nice !


My Bang Bang Bae, YB !!

I wish I brought souvenirs for them.
I used to bring it every time I go to overseas country.

I forgot to bring it this time...
Next time, will do !

And I had lunch at Yoshinoya, finally !
Been wanting to try SG's Yoshinoya hehehe...

And went to Daiso too !
Bought a few things & this warmer for lil' Jasmine.

That YB fan is from まりさん.


Jasmine didn't look happy though.
She loves the prince type, like Nichkhun from 2PM.
Or Kamijo from Versailles PQ.

I think it's Teruko whom like the bad boy type ?
Hizaki loves the hunky & superhero one
like Chris Hemsworth or Henry Cavill.


Ended the day with dinner at 銀座梅林.
Thanks for the treat !


On the big day...
I've arrived at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 9.00AM straight.

Met up with my pretty Japanese friends & queued for the merch.
With my lightstick & umbrella, hehehe..

I brought my YB fan, keep you close to me, my Sun...

 りえさん gave me this yummy Mango Sbux~!

We were queueing for the Sound Check together.
It was truly awesome !

Sadly couldn't get any photo of it.
But BB was very 대박!

And then queued again for the concert itself.
With my VIP ID~~

I was worn out with the hot weather...
I'm so sorry, dear BB, that I looked so awful...



You know...
The concert was breath-taking !

They're far more handsome in person.
And very talented as well.

Daesungie and Seungri were so cheerful.
TOP was such a tease...
And GD & YB... they're L.O.V.E !

GD is super cute, really...

TOP... youuu... “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

Daesungie played drum !
Very cool~~~

Panda (Seungri hahaha)...
He tried to chat with SG VIPs with the local language.
So adorable~~

And... beloved Mr. Sun...
YB... why... why so handsome ???
Please be happy & healthy always~~

I was truly tired, couldn't feel my back...
I'm an old lady already ! XD

And my pretty friend 'kidnapped' me to a nice place.
We had beer & dessert there.

I couldn't sleep until 4.30AM I think.
And here's my VIP stuff.

₍₍ (ง Ŏ౪Ŏ)ว ⁾⁾

More photos & videos, please visit :

MADEinSG 2015


On my last day...
I woke up late & finished packing.

Then had lunch at Killiney Kopitiam.
My dearest Mee Siam & Soya Milk.

Mee Siaaaaam~~~

Then met up with Gabriel from Den of Angels.
I need her to mod Fei's neck hole.
She has an older neck hole,
that made me so hard to change her head.

And also give her a new face up.
Something cute and fresh. Hehehe...

Later I met my friend again.
We had this Korean dessert.

So yummy !

And... spotted this tall Kratos at a toy & figure shop !
Hi, Drefan... is that you ? 

(๑•́ ω •̀๑)

And here came the time to leave SG.

Found interesting stuff about SG50 at Changi.


Surprised to see Tex Saverio in inflight magazine !

He's so beautiful...

And my dinner in the flight, hehehe...


I sincerely thank :

~ God
~ My family
~ My lovely new friends from Japan & SG
~ Everyone whom spare time to met up with me

and of course to BIGBANG.

To... Taeyang, G-Dragon, Seungri, TOP, and Daesung.
Thanks for the wonderful concert.

I hope I will have another chances to see all of you again.

항상 행복하고 건강하세요

나는 진정으로 당신을 사랑 해요

우리는 다시 만날 때까지

♡\(´ε` )/♡


Credit :
All photos & videos belong to respective owners.


Baby baby
Can you stay beautiful just like you are right now ?
So my heart can race even after time passes

Baby baby
Don’t wither, this is all for the selfish me
You have to stay just as you are right now


ミ Vienni ミ